One platform, many opportunities

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Digital transformation touches the foundations of most industries and business models that until yesterday seemed extremely strong and today are reeling from new, more attractive alternatives for consumers born and raised among electronic devices.
The concept of XVOD arises from the need to give flexibility and autonomy to content owners, so that they can eliminate intermediaries and monetize according to their business needs. The proposal, which is materialized through the Amwatching platform, positioning itself as the technological partner that content owners require to make that digital leap, gathers the best of all the worlds in terms of business models related to the distribution of contents.

It combines the three current monetization models: AVOD, TVOD and SVOD.
In addition, XVOD opens the game for a new form of consumption, more in line with the times: it is no longer just about sitting down to “watch TV” or about what to see when and on what device. Today the user demands a 360 degree digital experience: that is, to share their impressions as they watch their favorite series, interact with their social networks and (even to the benefit of potential advertisers) acquire a product related to the content that they have on their screen.

XVOD – The perfect combination

XVOD proposes to integrate all these functions in a single platform so that the user can access the contents at any time, from anywhere, with the device of their choice, in connection with their social networks, having defined their tastes and preferences. They will do all of this having chosen a free or paid plan: includes a monthly or annual subscription without advertising, payment for reproduction of limited content or they may choose free reproduction with interactive ads, among other options.

The circle is virtuous: for the viewer, it represents a new approach to their digital way of life; for content creators, the possibility of displaying their material with high quality and at the forefront of trends, as well as accessing a growing audience and generating a closer link with each one of them thanks to the social impulse that integrates the same platform. For advertisers, it is the opening up of a new channel, with interactive and immediate participation of the target and a precise and personalized segmentation of the ads according to the characteristics of a given audience. Another characteristic of the platform is that it proposes an atmosphere of cooperative competition, or coopetition: the more the ecosystem grows, the greater the demand and, therefore, the greater the growth of each of the parties.

XVOD – A virtuous circle

The digital transformation continues with its revolutionary evolution. As always when there is a great change in society, the waters are divided between those that concentrate on the threat that this rapid advance of new technologies implies and those who take advantage of the troubled waters to analyze the opportunities that arise.

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