Around Network and MAM Solutions Bundle

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Around is growing as a company that highlights in its business cutting-edge media software solutions for broadcasters, and a secondary innovation business unit that strongly points to streaming services/platforms for new content producers.

In the broadcast area it is important to highlight that they have been working with Fox, A & E, Claxson and América TV, (tier 1 customers) that set a standard in the industry. Also adding Globosat in Brazil, a customer with whom they have established a long-term relationship based on working together with Vizrt.

Around Network & MAM Solutions Bundle

The idea now is to grow and have more visibility throughout the indusrty. David Levy, alound with his cofounders Juan Manuel Murgia and Andres Carjuzaa, the inicial vision was to bridge the gap between archives and the digital age with cloud based distribution.

From there they advanced with professional services offering two main products: Around Network and the MAM Solutions Bundle, which is precisely the one that has just been renewed by Globosat. With Fox, they have been working on the management of content programming for their non-linear products, reinventing the programming content method. And also with A & E they work in the whole non-linear part of their play solutions. All solutions have a friendly look and feel, with added value to customers through a great user experience., the Innovation Unit developed a distribution platform for owners of content, broadcasters, production companies and others. For those who wish to spread their content via streaming, a complete solution is offered. The platform is called amwatching, in a social network style, where they seek to unite in this case the gap between the content owner and the audience with Revenue Share models.

A freemium model is suggested so that the content is known and an extended VOD, XVOD, for monetization simplifying the payment and collection processes. Amwatching allows you to create a closer link with the audience by making it a participant, generating greater engagement and leveraging consumption within a cooperative ecosystem.

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