Subscription Based MAM Solutions Software: Your Best Investment for Outstanding Media Asset Management

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The pay-per-use model has consolidated by providing egalitarian access to new technologies: companies are no longer forced to develop extensive infrastructure, invest in expensive software licenses or hire specialized teams to deal with technical issues beyond their business.

Today, a monthly fee provides access to end-to-end solutions that increase productivity rates, optimize resources, simplify management tasks, and offer cost control features.

Media Asset Management (MAM) solutions, developed to improve the everyday work of broadcasting professionals are no exception to this rule. Each of the users in the process, from administrators to cataloging staff, including people involved in content ingestion or quality control processes, are now able to enjoy a fully automatized, enhanced experience, with the support of the best market technologies that provide more functionalities and better opportunities, including, for example, collaborative real-time catalog creation.

Our solution, specifically, is based on four pillars:

Logger: to simplify cataloging tasks

Reporting Tool: for timely access to vital analyses of the most relevant data

Ingest Monitor: to track 100% of the ingestion process with specific alarms for anomalous events

Professional Services: to customize every functionality with expert support

MAM Solutions Bundle

Companies such as Globosat, are taking advantage of this solution to handle their specific complexities.

The MAM concept ushers a new era in line with the digital universe we live in.

Another important reason for companies in the area to abandon, now and for good, the analogical mindset.

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By Andrés Carjuzaa, CTO de Around | The Broadcast Revolution

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