Netherlands preserves its audiovisual patrimony with Around’s expert help

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Photo credit: NorthernLight

NISV (Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision) is the Dutch institute in charge of preserving the country’s audiovisual patrimony, teaching citizens the evolution of media during recent history and foreseeing phenomenon about to happen.

As part of its important cultural activities, in 2017, the NISV implemented project DAAN, a media asset management system (MAM) based on Vizrt’s tool. Using this system, anyone can access a file through a simple, navigable catalog and reproduce its contents in any device. The institute paid special attention to collection elements with copyright: for these scenarios, a license management tool was put in effect. This tool is reserved for media professionals and investigators.

Recently, the NISV decided to implement new features to improve its performance and increase its efficiency. They chose, as expert consultant, Around, an argentine company which was founded by David Levy, Andrés Carjuzaa and Juan Manuel Murguía.

Around’s core business is the implementation of cutting edge media software solutions for broadcasters such as Fox, A&E, Claxson, Sky and PGA Tour, and also Globosat in Brazil, a client with whom they have established a long lasting relationship through working in conjunction with Vizrt.

What’s this project’s final objective? According to the institution, “to keep Netherlands’ audiovisual patrimony as accessible as possible, now and in the future”. This is an initiative which many countries should adopt.

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