Matías Ponce: “We work in a niche which is very favorable for innovation”

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Meet our Software Development Manager, one of Around’s experts, who works very hard every day to ensure that our company delivers the best solutions for the market and simplifies the life of broadcasting professionals.

How and when did you start working for Around?

It all started in early 2016. The project was just beginning and, when I was told about it, I got immediately interested. I was the sixth or seventh person to join the team. At that time, I was working for a software factory with diverse clients in the United States of America and very immerse in the digital marketing world since it was a sister company of Marcus Thomas, from Cleveland, a benchmark in branding for big companies. We were in charge of tasks such as redesign of webpages or creation of business sites. We traveled quite a lot.

Do you have technical education?

Yes. I studied in a technical school, which is oriented to information technology, in Monte Castro. Then, with a sort of scholarship, I went to UADE (Universidad Argentina de la Empresa) and in 2016 I graduated with a Bachelor degree in Computer Science.

What are your responsibilities?

I’m currently in the role of manager of the development team. As in most S&MEs, none of us do exactly what our job description says. On a day-to-day basis, my work is split. One of my roles is technical leadership based on, for example, performance assessments or the revision of code. The goal is to guarantee that our performance is aligned to the needs and goals of the company. At the same time, I’m involved in generating business proposals for clients. One way or the other, I’m involved in all projects.

Is there any particular project that you found to be very appealing?

Although we usually work in very appealing projects, what we did for FOX was notable. We started off with a very small initiative and ended up achieving a significant transformation inside the company, with thirteen people working in five or six simultaneous projects. The question stopped being “what can we do to improve FOX operations?” and turned into “how do you want FOX to be in the future?”. It was challenging in terms of scaling, architecture, coding and sales.

What are your favorite leisure activities?

I’m very keen to sports: basket, swimming, cycling and crossfit. Sports allow me to balance my personal and professional life. I’m also very sociable, and I can spend a lot of time eating with friends or family.

How’s Around different to other companies in the market?

The answer is the reason why I accepted this job: it’s a niche which is very favorable for innovation. In the last few years, many companies disrupted the market, with Netflix as a key example, but the majority were oriented to the end client.

We are in the heart of content creators and transmitters: analyzing how things are done today and how they can be improved, navigating through those complex internal management flows, struggling against inflexible inherited mega systems and providing them with functionalities and features to make them more efficient.

Another distinctive quality of Around: commitment to projects. We are the link between those archaic infrastructures and new trends.

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