AWS Cloud Experience 2019 ARG: greater immersion into the cloud

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On September 3rd, Around participated in the AWS Cloud Experience 2019, an event in which Amazon Web Services experts and companies from different markets talked about their experience with cloud-based digital transformation.

By Matías Ponce, Software Development Manager at Around.

We were highly motivated to be there since many of our clients are going through the process of migrating to the cloud, while others, already part of the cloud universe, need to improve their infrastructure or have more control over their expenses. Giving that AWS owns 47 percent of the cloud market share worldwide, it’s logic that it comes up as the first choice when a cloud-based project is evaluated.

During the event, different subjects were treated, from best practices and myths about AWS to platform’s usage optimization and costs, risk management, issue mitigation or testimonies from implementers. We attended 18 presentations which were divided in three tracks (Transformation, Innovation and Free Market at Scale). 

Our technical departments found that the implementers’ experiences confirmed or redefined previous concepts in architecture paradigms which are trending in the market, like serverless, artificial intelligence or data lakes & analytics, among others. At the end of the event, there was a group of experts that could be asked about matters in depth and about education paths to attain certifications.

The cloud is the next frontier for many of our clients. We are constantly growing to join them in this journey.

Ph: @natanaelginting

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