Globosat chooses Ingest Monitor to optimize multimedia content ingest into its MAM

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By Barbara Roncero, Project Manager at Around

Globosat, the first pay television service provider in Brazil and part of the Organizações Globo group chose Around’s Ingest Monitor to optimize their multimedia content ingest tasks in their MAM (Media Asset Management) system.

Ingest Monitor is a tool which allows the monitoring of MAM ingest with alarm notifications when errors are detected. Although Globosat already used a tool for this activity, it was outdated and failed to adapt to new requirements.

Using Ingest Monitor, Globosat can view the ports in their video servers and check their status, verify if they are active or inactive, to know if they are recording or not, and evaluate if any errors occur in order to run the necessary corrective procedures. It also sets warning alarms when black frames appear in active video server ports or when a video server port modifies its state.

Some features will allow Globosat to make tasks more efficient. For example, end users can customize views (video server ports) by arranging them and locking into position those which are more important, so the ingest can be monitored in a more efficient and personalized way. It will also allow different modes to monitor views: a thumbnail mode where thumbnail generation from video ingest is monitored as well as a proxy mode where the video ingest is monitored.

The Globosat case is directly linked to Around’s mission: “to simplify daily tasks of broadcasting professionals”.

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