Daniel Tenzi: “I found it very appealing that Around was a startup”.

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At 42 years of age, Around’s PMO Manager has been working for the company for only 6 months. Since then, he has used his experience and expertise to help with the development of Amwatching, the company’s revolutionary digital content platform.

– What drew you in about the possibility of working for Around?

– I really like the TV world. I know the business pretty well. Before working for Around, I worked for more than three years in A&E Networks Latin America. I also worked for IT companies such as Globant, DigiKnow and DataArt. I was attracted by the fact that Around was a startup since I’m very keen on business ventures. Also, I had many meetings with David Levy, one of the company’s founders, and I found that we shared a vision. I had worked with him and Andres many years ago in a company called Plus54, so we got to know each other pretty well.

– We know you have technical background. What can you tell us about this?

– Yes. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology and was a programmer for more than 10 years. Then I became interested in management and Andres “turned me to the dark side”. I’ve been a Project Manager for more than 7 years now, and in the past 2, I returned to my student days and finished a Master’s Degree in Business Management from the University of San Andrés.

– Can you describe a work day in Around?

– Intense. As PMO (Project Management Office), I’m involved in all of the company’s projects. In some of them, my participation is high level while in others I have to get into every detail.

– Which of all projects is the most challenging?

– Amwatching. It’s the company’s big bet and I feel I can contribute from what I have been specializing during the last few years: digital platforms, strategy and business.

– What are your favorite activities on your free time?

– I like to go running. I also like to play some music; I really enjoy alternative progressive rock. I confess I’m also a gamer.

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