Artificial Intelligence and Media Asset Management: The Next Frontier

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There’s been a lot of buzz lately regarding Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how it is revolutionizing many industries. The field of Media Asset Management (MAM) systems is no exception to the rule, and the coming years will bring many opportunities and innovations to broadcasting professionals.

AI has already proved its ability to convert audio recordings into text and to translate texts into different languages with amazing accuracy. This means it will be possible to add subtitles with a significant reduction of the manual effort involved in these tasks.

And this is only the beginning. One of the key functionalities will be the system’s capacity to produce metadata automatically for an optimized content search and identification. This feature is attractive for both sides as users get an enhanced experience while companies increase their asset monetization capacity.

The constantly evolving recognition features supported by AI will automatically identify objects in a video (from human beings to television sets or plants) or actions (in the case of a person, whether he/she is walking, running or eating), or even emotions and faces (ideal to determine whether a famous person is in an image)… All these elements are crucial for the creation of a promotion system with almost no human intervention.

Additionally, this system will promptly identify clips to be deleted due to their content, to comply with certain regulations (nudes, extreme violence, drug abuse).

The future of multimedia asset management is intelligent, and it is already taking place.

Photo by Alex Knight from Pexels

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