Roberto Cossetti, from Globosat: “We have been able to upgrade and speed up content ingestion thanks to Around’s Ingest Monitor.”

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Founded in 1991, Globosat is the oldest pay television provider in Brazil. Globosat belongs to Organizaçôes Globo media group, and it implemented Around’s Ingest Monitor to optimize its multimedia content ingestion tasks in Viz One, its media asset management system. It’s worth noting that Viz One and Ingest Monitor are fully compatible.

“We use an ingestion tool, but it lacks some functionalities for monitoring, so errors slip through and are caught late sometimes,” highlights Roberto Cossetti, Development Coordinator at Globosat. “With Around’s solution, we have optimized the process; we keep closer control over errors during the ingestion and a comprehensive view of all the activities,” he adds.

Ultimately, Globosat will be able to view the server ports and check their status, confirm whether they are active or inactive, whether they are recording or whether they report an error status so that the required corrective procedures can be implemented. The company will also be able to set up warning alarms for different irregular situations. For example, if there’s a black view in an active port or if the port status changes.

Other benefits for Globosat include view customization, anchoring of critical views for efficient and customized control over content ingestion, selection of view access (thumbnail format, so that there is no need to view the complete video, or proxy format to see it completely).

“With the support of Ingest Monitor, we are stepping into a new proficiency level,” Cossetti concludes.

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