6 Typical problems in daily operation of MAM platforms

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Media Asset Management platforms are not simple systems to customize, however it can make a big difference to your bottom line if you identify inefficient ways your team uses your MAM

Here are 6 typical problems in daily operation of MAM platforms you can identify:

1- Waste of time searching for assets

MAM users spend an average of 1 out of every 10 hours of their time in the searching process*.

MAM solutions don’t always put the focus on efficient logging, so if you have complex metadata forms for different material types and you have a lot of fields that are shared, this complicates things.

2- Difficulties in manipulation of multiple assets

Cropping, editing, transferring and publishing makes MAM users waste a lot of time going back and forth repeatedly.

If in your system you are doing a lot of editing, searching, creating promos and having to create materials, you are constantly trying to find the assets that you want to work with. It is better if you are able to find the clips that you want to work with, and can bring them up with Precut or Easy Cut.

3 – Long backlogs and bottlenecks of workflows

Each business uses a pre existing MAM platform as efficiently as they know how, with the workflows and functions that platform offers to the user. However this does not always fulfil their specific needs. 

4 – Not having a comprehensive view of all the ingest process

Once a signal goes into the video server, you don’t know if that file is good and was correctly generated until it is actually imported into the MAM. 

You actually have to go and find the file where it is being imported from and validate that the proxy and keyframes are in place and with no artifacts.

5 – Reports don’t give the insights needed

If you want to know how many assets are being created in the system at a given time or of what type of assets are being created, who is creating them, how many of those are being transferred to a location, then what comes out of the box may not fulfill your needs.

6- Difficulties to customize and improve the platform

Making customizations to improve the workflows of the core functions of the MAM system tools can be a challenging proposal.  

The time your development team spends working on customizations is time taken away from performing their core responsibilities. By outsourcing the development of key functionalities to extremely qualified 3rd party vendors, you can more easily gain access to a customized MAM solution to suit the needs of your business’s best possible workflow. 

Please contact us today for more information and a complimentary evaluation of your business case to see how Around’s MAM Solutions will increase the efficiency of your workflows.

*https://www.thirdlight.com/ Photo by bruce mars from Pexels

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