Premium Content for Free: Holding On Til the End of Coronavirus

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The pandemic caused by the coronavirus strain known as Covid-19 has pushed us as a society to the brink of an unusual situation: massive quarantines, movement restrictions, closed borders… A real challenge in the age of globalization, in which people have become citizens of the world. Today, in an unusual return to a remote past, the recommendation is to stay home.

This rather complex scenario presents itself as a true opportunity for broadcasting companies and content distributors as the public is captive, not only metaphorically, but literally.

For this reason, any move made to satisfy customers while they are facing very tough times can be the key to unprecedented future engagement in the industry. Many will probably remember the time when a certain company released its premium content, for example, or put together special and accessible packages to get through those days of lockdown in the best possible way.

Cable operators and platforms around the world are looking for ways to palliate the discomfort of quarantine: from an increase in the content for kids –considering that children are required to spend all day at home– to streaming videos to replace the face-to-face events and that had to be postponed for another time, due to health regulations, going through Pornhub’s pioneering initiative, one of the most popular pornography websites in the world, which released their premium content first in Italy  –one of the countries most affected by coronavirus – and then, in Spain. An idea worthy of being imitated.

Because this is not just a business issue: companies in the sector have an even greater opportunity here, which is to be empathetic and supportive in a turning point in the contemporary history of humanity.

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

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