Advantages of the live cataloging model

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To increase content monetization and client satisfaction, multimedia content distributors require a reliable cataloging process that ensures that each user will find whatever he or she is looking for in a simple and agile manner. Reliable cataloging will also promote the discovery of that same content by other users and thus will expand its audience.

This cataloging process must be flexible and efficient so that content is readily made available to suitable subscribers, material is related to adequate ads for the target audience, and catalogs are released on proper platforms for further exposure and immediate client access. Cataloging also calls for open technology. This is a crucial aspect to avoid compatibility, visualization, or functionality issues when working with several suppliers or on different platforms.

The live cataloging model takes this concept even further by offering the possibility of including product reference metadata almost in real-time with the content ingest itself. This means that while the user is watching a football match, he is also able to query content by football player, referee, or coach and can still be able to watch the main plays of the match. The same example applies to any live show, ranging from a music show to any other sports event, including any related news.

Content is available in the catalog promptly after it has been uploaded to the system, which translates into immediate monetization and guaranteed client satisfaction.

Photo by Nicole Geri on Unsplash.

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