Collaborative Partnership: Client-Oriented Values

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For years, “ownership” ruled over the technological world. Companies would develop a solution and clients had to use it as-is: with its strengths (if any, because someone had chosen that solution for a reason) and its weaknesses (which, at times, outweighed the strengths). What if a new functionality was required? The company using the software would perform the process manually, or worse, it would adjust its work method to the system limitations.

Then, the world changed, and in the digital age, the old model became unfeasible. That’s why at Around, we took up a collaborative partnership model. “Ownership” is long gone. Today we work hand in hand with the best representatives from each area of knowledge in broadcasting and technology to make sure our clients will receive the best possible solution for each of their needs.

Through the block-based development model, we are free to introduce changes dynamically and, in a volatile and fast-paced market, flexibility is crucial. Consumer preferences are ever-changing, business monetizing methods evolve, new innovative technologies simplify lots of processes… 

In short, when supported by a collaborative partnership, clients have the peace of mind that they are accessing the best possible solution, one which is scalable and flexible — so if their business grows or new needs arise, the software will accompany. In this digital age, being “chained” to a heavy, hard-to-maintain and hard-to-customize solution sounds like serving a business sentence. Any broadcasting company venturing into the digital world has no option but to work in absolute freedom.

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

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