Verónica Trzaska: “My goal is to lay the foundations of a healthy structure for everyone working at Around.”

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In this interview, the general manager of the company tells us about the main challenges she faces in her position. She also highlights the importance of solid management for the consolidation of the company in the market. She is optimistic about the future, with a stronger feminine leadership in companies related to the broadcasting world.

How did you come to meet Around?

-About four years ago, I worked for Around as an external consultant. It was a small company at the time, with only seven employees. At that time, we started building many of the cornerstones over which we expected to grow, including our company´s values, mission, and vision… We also began to delineate different areas, even though we were really few employees. However, we always kept an eye on the long run. 

What happened between that time and your appointment as general manager of the company?

-I had a baby and decided to take some time off from work. When I returned to work, Around contacted me once again. This time, they wanted to know if I would be interested in a permanent position. It had not been that long, and yet, the growth was evident: the team had increased to thirty people, the values remained unchanged, and the vision was migrating to fit the new market needs and the technologies that had been added. When I returned, even though Around had kept its original spirit, it was a different company. It was operating in another building with four times its original number of employees. The company had also reached a high level of complexity and required a manager with a vision beyond broadcasting. 

Tell us about your education.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from the University of Buenos Aires. I have always worked with processes, business, and human resources. 

How did you approach broadcasting?

My background, including the academical point of view and my experience, came from other areas. I could say that I started to learn about the sector thanks to Around. It is a very specialized segment, where innovation plays a key role, this means a continuous challenge for me. I rely entirely on the technical and business teams of the company so that I can give complete attention to other matters, such as the development of our strategic vision. I also provide area support, optimize human resources and improve process standardization for higher efficiency while trying to meet the goals set in the best possible manner. 

Is this still a predominantly masculine world?

-It is not only the broadcasting universe but also the world of technology and systems, in general. However, the next generation is focusing more and more on the functional aspects. The key factor is determining who can add value and help obtain better results, regardless of his or her gender. Although disparity is still palpable, particularly in leading positions, the market is improving every day.

Which do you consider to be the most challenging aspect of your position?

-Laying the foundations of a healthy structure so that everyone at Around feels comfortable, is able to balance his work-personal life and feels at ease at a nice place. I am also working on the building blocks of a company with solid management groups, teams with high self-trust and a great capacity to provide additional value to our clients. If we are all having a good time, the results will be better.

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